What I know about style, I learnt from him. - B. Perry
His bass playing has always inspired me. - C. Baudelaire
He almost has never treated me badly. - his left hand
Who? - Lt. Drebin
If I had finished "America", it would have been dedicated to him. - F. Kafka
His spirit has been guiding me in my early years...
...and haunting me later on.
- W. Shakespeare
He treats me better than the other one. - his right hand
He was Sgt. Pepper. - J. Lennon
The Gods were bored, so they created Andre. – S. Kierkegaard
Andre is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately,
in love with suffering.
– F. Dostoevsky
Dust respirators, here I come! - Andre K.
Resurrects every 9 years. - TS

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