Being the youngest member in two points, my major task is to keep the average age in the band as low as possible. Besides that, Peter and me form the incredible-guitar-duo. From time to time I am writing some parts for our songs and sometimes I am just sitting around drinking liquorice-tea. Growing up with bands such as Sepultura, Pantera or Metallica, my passion for guitar-based music started almost thirteen years ago. At that time, my cousin, whom some of you might know as the “guitar-berserk” from antiSphere, taught me how to play guitar. At this point, thanks for that… Continously expanding my taste in music over the years, I am now listening to bands like Joy Division or Interpol but I am also into harder stuff such as Nailbomb, Hypocrisy or Strapping Young Lad. In addition to these, I like everything that is innovative and not easily accessible. My musical influences evolved from the bands I have already mentioned as well as from books, movies or certain pictures, which I try to express musically. If there are questions, do not hesitate to ask. AndRe²

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