recordings & lyrics

title   mp3   lyrics   status  
again       released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
alone       abandoned - unreleased  
androsterene   listen    released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
another day       released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
archery   listen    released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
autumn leaves       abandoned - unreleased  
bare bodkin     view  final mix 
blunt being       unreleased  
bookstores     view  final mix 
borderlands       final mix  
car      abandoned - unreleased 
choke-trap       released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
could      final mix  
daggermarch      abandoned - unreleased 
denial      final mix  
distance       final mix (new version)  
dreamings ending       abandoned - unreleased  
drifting       abandoned - unreleased  
entropy   listen    released on "thus spake ... barrenland" 
entropy       final mix re-recording  
eyes of blood       released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
15 mins    view  final mix  
fossil     view  occasionally progressing  
gift       final mix  
goddess   listen    released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
guilt & dignity       abandoned - unreleased  
half/moon       currently being recorded  
heart-diamond-game       abandoned - unreleased  
layers    view  final mix  
lovesong     view  released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
mantra       currently being constructed  
medication       final mix 
monotone (by Sofa )       final mix  
nazarene    view  currently being recorded  
obligation     view   final mix  
obligation  listen   view   '67 memorial mono mix (online only)  
obsolete       final mix  
omaha   listen  view  rehearsal recording (to be re-recorded)  
piece by piece      abandoned - unreleased 
reconsider       currently being recorded  
red (by The Wounded)   listen    final mix - less knives 
roadkill [italian interlude]       currently progressing  
rosebud       abandoned - unreleased  
cynic       released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
scapes       unreleased  
serpent's tale       abandoned - unreleased  
soon       abandoned - unreleased  
soulscorch       final mix  
the stand   listen  view   final mix  
still life  listen   view  released on "thus spake ... barrenland"  
stones      to be recorded  
trench     view   final mix  
unfinished soundtrack      occasionally progressing  
the wait    view  final mix  

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