barrenland news

March 2011
Another year, another update, oops, it's been two.
What has been and will be happening:
Our version of The Wounded's Red is finally online and also accessible via the messages page.
We have been kindly asked by Dennis Y. to play at one of the quarterly Retroactivity parties and will do that on Friday, May 20th. The event will take place at the Druckluft in Oberhausen (Germany) and is our first public performance in more than 10 years.
Several more tracks have reached final pre-mastering state, at least one new track has crept in and the messages page has been updated accordingly. As of now, we consider 20 tracks as finished (not counting alternate versions that might or might not be included). Enough material for 2 CDs, which leaves just one more to go and we can begin mastering.
We are really looking forward to be playing live again, the private gig last summer was just a rainy teaser. Personally I hope for more dates later this year, but that is in our hands alone.
In general, time still is the major problem (anybody willing to donate some?) and things might get even more complicated.
The future might be open wide... TAKE CARE!
Andre K.

February 2009
I am especially proud to announce that Steve Craig joined us for three songs.
He was the lead singer in Who By Fire and B.F.G and my major inspiration to become a singer myself. I guess you can hear that in most of our recordings...
"the stand" will be added in a couple of days to feature his vocal talents. In return AndRe² helped out on his forthcoming track "Southland One" for his current project echoroom. I strongly recommend to visit him and his gifted collaborators on PCs permitted ...
Thank you Steve for coming out of retirement.

And now the song can be accessed via the recordings page.
Andre K.

April 2008
Another first time... two updates within one month that aren't just for correcting mistakes.
A few weeks ago we had the idea of doing a mono mix of one particular song for online release and as a teaser for things to come. A few hours ago we did just that, and considering our usual speed this time I even can't say finally!
A mono mix is a difficult beast compared to one in stereo, somewhat like shooting in b/w. It tends to amplify some aspects while neglecting others, and interfering frequencies can't be sustained by spatial placing. But enough of that, we're here for other reasons and if you are interested in phase cancellation there are websites dealing with that topic.
As of now the song can only be accessed via the recordings page. Now, enjoy the '67 memorial mono mix of 'the obligation (of happiness)'.
Andre K.

April 2008
April Fool's Day has been yesterday, so I won't pretend the planned cds have been sent out... only that we're still working on it.
We had quite a few problems within the last twelve months, broken hardware the worst, accidentally overwriting newer mixes with older ones being just a minor setback (even gaining more practice in repeating the previous work).
A few new songs have crept in.
In our daily lives work, family and illnesses (in that order?) all took their toll.
This year it's not really spring already...
Andre K.

April 2007
Another update after too much time. V and Nadine have reworked the obligation lyrics page. I made someupdates to the recordings page. That's five songs in final mixing state, several have progressed towards recording. And (fanfare) two new songs have been added. I would have wanted to add a third, for two weeks ago Andre² played us a new song that held us in awestruck silence for all its seven minutes, but since it is yet untitled...
And it's spring...
Andre K.
p.s. It has a name. The stand has been added.

October 2006
Greetings friends and fans...
We are finally progressing with the recording of new (and previously unrecorded) tracks. I have updated the recordings-page accordingly. A good deal of the instruments are on disk, recording of the vocals will start next week and then it's time for the final mix. All in all it's proceeding slower than hoped, but faster than feared. And it looks like it will get loud...
be seein' ya
Andre K.
p.s. new photos might be due ;-)

August 2006
Though we still refuse to state our minds here regularly it is about time that we share some things again.
We gave away the "Ltd.-Omaha-Erwin-Promo-Edition" of one copy with a special artwork and a postcard to E.N. who is a talented musician from the Netherlands and deserves it for recording the "Aucœn DesolŽ"-CD and for being a friend.
We got permission to do two Sofa ( cover versions by their former lead-singer Brad Todd ( Sofa split up a few years ago and are sorrowly missed by at least some of us. One song was chosen and we are in pre-production recordings.
Apart from a cover-version we decided to start recording on our own material again and hope to finish some songs soon to upload them in the mp3 section. "Soon" is a lovely word as it means basically nothing, but we honestly promised ourselves to work hard on it.
Though not fully working is online and we will finish it SOON.
Finally, to numb the question that was asked too often since March. No, we just do not want a guestbook! Anyway, if you like to ask us or like to share your thoughts on the music, the lyrics or the artwork contact us at speak[at]
Hope to hear from you SOON

March 2006
The BIG news are that this homepage is finally online!
We would love to thank Nadine for blood, sweat 'n tears and her endless efforts to match our opinions to make this possible and "tot ziens"-Alwin for pushing us into it repeatedly. Consider yourselves inhabitants of our dominion.
Yours sincerely V